Thursday, September 24, 2015

So much armor...

Today marked an important day in any commission, the day you ship it back to the client.  This commission was a big one to be sure.  Thirty-nine 28mm vehicles and two guns for use in Bolt Action.  It took quite some time to complete due to a relocation across the country but it is all done.  Over the next few posts I will be going over the various parts of this commission, showing off the completed miniatures.  These posts will indeed be image intensive. 

Let's start off with the American forces that were part of this commission.  'MERICA!

LVT-4 Buffalo (Warlord)

LVT-4 Buffalo (Warlord)

M16 AA Halftrack (Warlord)

M26 Pershing (Warlord)

M3 Lee (Warlord)

M4A3 Sherman 105mm (Rubicon)

M4 Sherman (Warlord Plastic)

M4 Sherman (Warlord Plastic)

M4 Sherman (Warlord Plastic)

M3 Halftrack (Warlord)

M18 Hellcat (Warlord)

.50 Cal Jeeps (Warlord)

M5 3in AT Gun (Warlord)


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