Thursday, September 24, 2015

So much armor...

Today marked an important day in any commission, the day you ship it back to the client.  This commission was a big one to be sure.  Thirty-nine 28mm vehicles and two guns for use in Bolt Action.  It took quite some time to complete due to a relocation across the country but it is all done.  Over the next few posts I will be going over the various parts of this commission, showing off the completed miniatures.  These posts will indeed be image intensive. 

Let's start off with the American forces that were part of this commission.  'MERICA!

LVT-4 Buffalo (Warlord)

LVT-4 Buffalo (Warlord)

M16 AA Halftrack (Warlord)

M26 Pershing (Warlord)

M3 Lee (Warlord)

M4A3 Sherman 105mm (Rubicon)

M4 Sherman (Warlord Plastic)

M4 Sherman (Warlord Plastic)

M4 Sherman (Warlord Plastic)

M3 Halftrack (Warlord)

M18 Hellcat (Warlord)

.50 Cal Jeeps (Warlord)

M5 3in AT Gun (Warlord)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kuromorimine would be proud!

Sorry for the delay in posts but I have been quite busy with commissions and events.  Today will be a short update on the massive armor commission currently on my desk.  This update features a might Maus, a prototype German super heavy tank.  This beauty is painted to match the colors of the Maus used by Kuromomine in the anime Girls Und Panzer.  Only thing the beast is missing is a schoolgirl occupying the top hatch.  There are a few minor details remaining but aside from that it is done.

You might notice some other miniatures in the background.  This will be featured in future commissions so stay tuned.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ariadna...'nuff said

While work on the large vehicle commission continues, I had the opportunity one weekend to work on some of my personal miniatures.  I have been a fan of Corvus Belli's Infinity game and with my USAriadna box shipping soon it was about time to put some paint on my vanilla Ariadna.  So I decided to knock out all of my Ariadna in one weekend.  My plan almost succeeded but life came up so sadly six miniatures await completion.  That said it was still impressive how many actually were completed in that short span of time.  Now these are painted in my own color scheme featuring camouflage uniforms, green armor, and leather packs.  The basing you will see here is merely temporary till I find a basing scheme I like.  Without further rambling, here are my completed Ariadna.  I apologize for the dark pictures as the bulb blew out on my lamp as I was preparing to snap the pictures.
Tank Hunters and Veteran Kazaks

Tank Hunters and Veteran Kazaks (back)

Line Kazaks and Kazak Doktor

Line Kazaks and Kazak Doktor (back)

Uxia McNeil and SAS

Uxia McNeil and SAS (back)

Spec Ops

Spec Ops (back)

Foxtrot, Van Zant, and Minuteman

Foxtrot, Van Zant, and Minuteman



Now I am particularly proud of how my Chasseur turned out.  Now the goggles need some touching up the rest is exactly what I was aiming for. 

Chasseur (back)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Panzers on the march...

Last post I showed off some recently completed American tanks for Bolt Action, but they were not all that commission contained.  Part of this rather large commission were a good number of German vehicles.  These are not yet done being painted but I felt a few work in progress pictures would be cool.  I usually do not take many WIP pictures as I work on commissions.  I am usually too invested to take the time to snap a few pictures.  While it makes the clients happy as I am able to knock out the commissions faster it is quite boring to my readers.  So why not give it a shot today. 

Well you have Panthers, Tigers, and Opels...Oh My.  Yeah it is not the standard phrase but if you were an Allied tanker then "Oh My" would be the tamest thing you would say.  The Panthers here are in Ambush camouflage and merely await final touches.  The Halftracks and trucks are almost complete and feature a camo scheme matching some past German vehicles I have done.  The Panzer IVs will also feature Ambush once I get to them.  The other tanks will feature schemes chosen by my client.  That Maus will indeed be one of my favorites to work on as it gets the Girls Und Panzer treatment.  So much German armor but I must admit I quite enjoy painting German vehicles.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Armored Fury...again

I really need to update more often...  I will admit I do forget as I get quite involved in my commissions.  Lately I have completed several large commissions ranging from Ariadna from Infinity to large numbers of tanks for the game Bolt Action.  Todays update features some pictures from my recent batch of American vehicles.  This batch is part of a rather large commission featuring over 41 28mm vehicles for Bolt Action.  The commission ranges from the humble jeep to the massive German Maus.  The vehicles I completed recently were some of the most fun to paint vehicles in a while.  While the US primarily used the same color scheme on all its vehicles, I still had fun with all the variations I was able to achieve. 

Featured in the picture were three of the newer M4 Sherman plastic kits from Warlord Games which were a pleasure to work with.  Warlord is offering some great new kits in plastic and I very much enjoy working with them.  Also shown is an M4A3 Sherman 105 from Rubicon.  That kit is also plastic and includes quite a few options for variants.  The client wanted the 105mm variant and who could say no to a Sherman with a big gun.  The rest of the vehicles included an M3 Halftrack, an M16 AA Halftrack, the mighty M26 Pershing, an M3 Lee, two little Jeeps, and M18 Hellcat, and finally two workhorse LVTs.  The LVTs and Lee were where I decided to vary the usual scheme.  I decided to go with a more appropriate faded color scheme as those saw action is particularly tough areas.  Not much remains to be done on them, just some weathering pigments and some details on the crew. 

Stay tuned for my next update where I show off the recently completed Ariadna force for Infinity.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I'm back, baby!

It has indeed been quite a long time since my last update.  In the time since my last update I have been very busy with commissions and life in general.  Late last year I added custom embroidered dice bags to my roster which further capitalized my time.  During all that I sadly neglected my blog and let it go without updates, which is now changing.  Starting today there will be regular updates including commission updates and helpful tutorials.  The schedule for these updates are still being figured out but content should be coming more frequently.  Enjoy some pictures of work completed since my last update.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Troops assembled...

Yeah I know it is a boring title but what the hey.  Yesterday I finished the mass of troops for this American commission and for a second there I thought it was a Soviet army with so much infantry.  All told the count is as follows...

6x SMG equipped attendants
2x pistol equipped attendants
5x twelve man Rifle squads with an SMG and two BARs each
2x bazooka teams
2x sniper teams

So a total of 72 plastic infantry figures.  Now yesterday I was hoping to get them primed but the weather did not cooperate.  Today looks to be the same so I may be taking these to a friend's auto body shop to borrow his paint booth. 

This much infantry has me both dreading and yet still looking forward to starting my  Soviet army next month.  With this same client sending me Soviets at some point in the near future this will be good practice.  

Look for my next update on Monday.